The Rocks

The magnificent High Rocks, from which we acquire our name, are steeped in history dating back millions of years. Acres of breathtaking sandstone rocks interlinked with eleven bridges, provide a scenic walk in a tranquil woodland setting. Once a stone age camp, now a National Monument these impressive rocks, which belong to The High Rocks complex, have always been a constant source of wonder.

Entry Tickets

Tickets valid on day of purchase only, for one hour duration.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday Mondays

Admission £5 per person

Entry tickets are sold in the lower Public Bar across the road. Entrance through the garden gate.

No admission to the Rocks area to anyone aged under 18

(Apart from pre-planned and booked Wedding parties, Functions and Tours, children are not allowed in the Rocks area)

No Picnics or BBQs in the Rocks.

No Dogs allowed.

No Rock Climbing.

Free Parking.

Opening Times

There may be times or days when the Rocks area will be closed to the Public. Please check before making your journey here.

The High Rocks are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, apart from Bank Holiday Mondays and Private Function bookings.
Venue & Rocks open at 10.15am.